The products at VNKL are carefully curated and selected. This includes some independent & micro-brands with small cult-like followings. All are well-crafted timepieces, tasteful in design, innovative and high quality in its finishing. The stories they tell and the value it offers will always make you want more.

There are timepieces that you take on adventures, and then there are timepieces that make whatever you’re doing feel like an adventure. Marathon Watches fits the latter.

A utility watch that embodies strength and practicality, Marathon Watches combines military durability with Swiss engineering and craftsmanship to ensure the highest level of quality and precision. These watches are made to serve military needs without sacrificing design aesthetics.

One will definitely appreciate the durability and quality of these timepieces that are made to last a lifetime. Marathon Watches — best in the long run.

Techne is for the bold, self-reliant and adventure seeker. Built to accompany the adventurous, through rugged terrains and extreme weather, this watch has every detail thoughtfully considered.

Techné is the Ancient Greek word for “technique” and “technology”. Inspired by the fighter jets during the World War 1 era, Techné blends military influence, matte textures and earth tones that come together harmoniously.

These watches balance strong technological components without being “techy” and retro—vintage cues without being “tacky”.

A paradox of design, quality and price, William L. 1985 boasts the ability to modernize vintage designs whilst maintaining the highest quality.

Inspired by the Swiss Vintage Chronograph of the so’s, William L. watches are built to offer quality timepieces with classic designs. The applied indexes, gently textured sub-registers and crisp printing gives the watches a pleasantly rich/eel, in a quiet way.

William L. 1985 has got the formula right in creating unapologetically affordable watches with rich design aesthetics and no compromise in quality.

Minimalist Design Done Right. Bravur pursues a perfect balance of sophistication and style through unique detailing.

At its core, lies a strong identity, creating a distinct and unique design language that is gender neutral. Each watch is built to the highest quality, finish and materials using Swedish steel and Swiss movements. They stay true to their adage, “Swedish Soul, Swiss Heart”.

BRAVUR communicates a lifestyle inspired by art, design, music and other cultural movements. Understated but tasteful and elegant, these watches are the composed signature of BRAVUR; timepieces, embracing the present. BRAVUR, Since now.

The Corniche mission is simple, to help people look great keeping track of their most precious possession; TIME.

The French word ”Corniche”, which translates into “cliff road”, describes many of the beautifully mountainous routes along the French Riviera.

Corniche Watches draws its inspiration from these scenic views and blends luxury and versatility without comprising either. A reinvention of traditional watches; classic yet timeless in its design.

GREYHOURS gives a new colour to time, synonymous with a delicate balance between aesthetics and technical ingenuity.

Their values? Sobriety, refinement and creativity, placed at the service of accuracy and functionality.

The meeting of these young entrepreneurs and even the history of the brand are linked in a vision, a dream; the perfect watch, financially accessible to all and not just to a chosen few.

A colorful and fashion-focused concept. Time has never been quite the same since the arrival of Ice-watch in the market. Its creativity is limitless.

Despite its sudden global success, Ice-Watch chooses to maintain its accessible position­ commanding a reputation as a leader in the fashion watch segment- especially in markets like France and Germany. Ice-Watch focuses on bold and expressive designs whilst keeping its versatile identity; constantly inventing new collections and collaborating with talented designers between Belgium and Japan.

Thanks to the precise attention to quality and Japanese quartz movements, Ice-Watch is a reliable fashion accessory for every occasion.

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